semantics: hopeful vs. hopeless

So many people I know employ the word “hopeless” when it comes to romance.  And I finally sat down and thought about it — and it makes NO sense!  Hopeless, by definition means “without hope” and those that claim to be “hopeless romantics” are ones that always believe in romance, and are always “with hope”, so by definition wouldn’t or shouldn’t they be called “hopeful romantics”?  I’m so confused.


2 Responses

  1. i’ve always interpreted it as someone who was “hopeless” and “romantic”, not necessarily “hopelessly romantic”; someone who was so enamored with the concept of romance that nothing could pull that person away from it; that person was “hopeless” in the face of it.

    …but that’s just my interpretation ;)

  2. Well, or that they’re a romantic, and they have NO hope of ever getting over that romanticism…

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