Let’s discuss The L Word!

Tonight’s episode was just abound with “OMG” moments.  I will list them:

1. MAX IS PREGNANT?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!!!!1!  

2. The woman that extorted Helena for millions due to a sexual harassment issue is back?  And gay?  OMG!!!

3. Elizabeth Berkley (best known as Jessie Spano from “Saved by the Bell”) is guest starring?!  OMG.  And her last name is Wentworth?  Shoot me.

4. Alice and Tasha are still trying to rationalize their relationship?  Really?  Therapy?  And that annoying list?  Ugh, or:  omg (lowercase.)  However, Alice is back in full form this season and I love her more than ever.

5. Jenny and Shane end up making up and making out?!?!  OMG.  This is getting a little silly.  And the question was brought up – have they dated previously?  A friend said they did during season 1 and I am about to pull out the DVD collection to check on this.  Anyway, it was clarified: at the end of season 5 when Jenny said, “You broke my heart” it was to Shane.  I win.

Other things to note that weren’t exactly OMG moments:

– The show opened with Nikki screaming about how horrible Jenny is and saying things like, “SHE’S DEAD MEAT!”  I think this is going to be the way every episode opens, (meaning: a different character threatening Jenny’s life)  and then it is our duty to figure out who REALLY killed her at the end!  Oh, it’s just like Nancy Drew.

– Ummmm, did anyone notice that the poster for “The Girls” (formerly “Lez Girls”) looks like the poster for “The Notebook”?  Anyone?  ANYONE?

…okay, I’m bored.  Anybody read this anymore?  Discuss?


2 Responses

  1. I heard they are auctioning off all of the L-Word set stuff – clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. Check it out at ableauctions.ca and email them with what you are looking for!

  2. oh goodness… pregnant max! hasn’t this already been dealt with in the news. i’m a little worried to see how they’re going to handle that situation.

    and i wanted helena to do way more than just push that girl! i wanted an all out brawl!

    i want molly back!

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