WTF, Ilene Chaiken?!

So, I heard the other day that Ileke Chaiken “wrote a show that is basically an all-female Prison Break.”  I thought that sounded absolutely horrible, and there is no way anyone is going to watch that.  

Separately, I heard and knew that there would be a spin-off of The L Word with Alice being the lead.  That was something I’d look forward to.

BUT THEN today I heard that “Showtime’s CEO revealed that the spinoff plot will be that “one of the characters on The L Word goes to prison, so the show goes to prison. . . It’s a big group of characters and there’s a few lesbians in that group, but it isn’t the exact make up of The L Word.  The pilot has been shot, but the execs have not seen a cut of it. If it does get picked up, Chaiken said that this season of The L Word will lead into the spinoff.  We know the show will be centered around Leisha Hailey’s Alice. Hmmm, makes us wonder what will land her behind bars?”

FAIL.  THEY’RE THE SAME SHOW?!  This is going to be terrible.  And that basically gives everything away – Alice kills Jenny.  Game over.


2 Responses

  1. DOH!! What a crap shoot! Do you really think that we are going to be content with that? I guess, what choice do we have? I know I am not in for the spin off!! FAIL indeed!

  2. Let’s see, a spinoff with one of the most ridiculous characters of a ridiculous show…Should be great!

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