let’s discuss The L Word!

This episode, for so many reasons was heartbreaking.  The camera angles made it more dramatic.  The score made it more dramatic.  The drama, of course, made it more dramatic.  But before I put forth any spoilers for those that don’t get Showtime, let me start with a most poignant letter from Molly to Shane:

“In your eyes, I see things I know I cannot touch.  I know not to reach for them.  I let them touch me.  And I cherish these moments that we’re able to share, however fleeting they may be.”

…I would have cried, had I not been in the company of others.  Moving on…

So we start with a living room full of lesbians (much like most living rooms this evening, watching the show) except there is a cop.  And DEATH!  And as anyone would have guessed, it’s Jenny.  But how?  And why?  And what led up to this atrocity?!  AND WHY IS IT NOT ADELE?!?!?!?!

Well, we don’t find out.  Because we are flashed back to the last scene of the previous season.  The whole bit with Shane betraying best friend codes by doing the nasty with Nikki Stevens.  And Jenny finding them.  We all know what happened.  Shane gets kicked out, Jenny goes bat-shit crazy.  Etc.

BUT THEN poor Molly comes running back, after realizing everything Shane did when she broke things off with her was due to the evil mother.  Insert cues for Jenny telling her that Shane is at a hotel with Nikki.  And takes the jacket with the note (previously mentioned) and hides it far in the depths of her attic.  Tsk, tsk.  My heart broke then.  This will be a recurring theme.

In season 5, we left off with Alice and Tasha having problems, thus bringing Alice to temptation with whats-her-face from But I’m a Cheerleader.  But she did not cheat, she “barely even kissed her, really!”  Tasha leaves.  And goes to Papi’s.  Papi?  Really?  What?  I was sort of happy because I never liked their relationship.  Things are up, and down, and hot, and cold, and like a trite Katy Perry song.  Whether they will have lasting power is indecipherable at this point and I really just want Tasha to leave a Post-It note on Alice’s computer a la Berger in SATC.  But, yannow.

Then there is Helena.  It’s always a sweet surprise to find that she is back in proper form.  I missed her.  But naming the club “Hit”… really?  That was another heart break.  

Okay, so Jenny in her evil and hurt and betrayed-ness, texts Nikki to come over.  She does.  They have sex all night.  The next morning, Nikki apologizes for the 89th time, tells Jenny that when she told her that she broke her heart (whoa so many she’s and her’s!) it was the most romantic thing (still confused on that one) and Jenny says, “You didn’t break my heart. You’re nothing but a self absorbed, self-indulgent little brat. And our affair on set was nothing but a showmance. And when I said that you broke my heart, I wasn’t talking about you, darling” (OMG I KNEW IT.  I KNEW IT WAS SHANE THAT BROKE JENNY’S HEART AND NO ONE LISTENED TO ME!!!1!) (Also: Go Jenny.  Damn.)

Bette and Tina are back together and it makes me happy.  Angelica was sick.  There was a scream down in the hospital about homophobia and whatnot, natch.  And, hmmm… am I missing anything else?  The awkward few minutes in the planet with loaded glances and long shots, from the couples, to Shane, to Jenny, to everyone feeling weird and not knowing what to say and do – yeah.  

I hope this season is killer.  HA. HA. PUN.  


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