So.  Years ago, a friend of mine signed me up for OKCupid.  And every few months, I like to log on just to see what people write to me.  Most of the messages consist of “OMFG ur hot!”  A few of them have some sort of merit to them, but are usually men that haven’t left the house in 3 months.  And then about 10% is comprised of couples wanting a threesome.  Today, I received a message from a self-proclaimed Guido.  I wasn’t aware that people did this in real life.

His message?  “your so sexy we should prob get together ASAp!”

Sorry, “johnnyfknsawzal”, I don’t get together with people that post pictures of their souped up Mazdas or people that don’t have a grasp on 7th grade grammar.  Best of luck.

…I need to sign off this site because I’m being inundated with IMs from bi men moving to Orlando.


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