With no new television on, I’ve had to resort to other forms of entertainment – which has taken form as new music.  I’ve been listening to two bands non-stop.  Midnight Matinee and Owl City.

The first band hails from Bainbridge, Georgia – but have a new member (and reason I’m listening): Ben Wentworth. If you don’t fall for the band’s melodic hooks and well thought-out lyrics, you should definitely follow them for the Eagle Scout’s sheer good looks.  ;)  Plus, I mean, he knows T-Pain.  Definitely check out their MySpace page and buy their CD “Contrast in Color” in iTunes if you’re into a band that may sound like a splicing of Incubus, Motion City Soundtrack, and Thursday.  My favorite up on the webpage is “Melanie.” (And for those of you that are more into Facebook, check out their fan page here!)

The second band that has been on iTunes rotation this weekend is Owl City.  The band consists of Adam Young, as far as I can tell.  And his music is what I can best describe as: dreamy in a pop-synth way.  If you like The Postal Service and wish they had a brainchild with Hellogoodbye, this is the band for you.  “On the Wing” is my personal favorite.  Check him out – he’s seriously fantastic!


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