James Beard is Ghandi?

So.  There’s this friend of mine who makes these absurdly outlandish comparisons between things in the restaurant world and the religious world — I am positive, without knowledge.

The first one was comparing James Beard to Ghandi.  She said, verbatem, that James Beard is the Ghandi of chefs.  For obvious reasons, you should never compare food-related anything to… Ghandi, who, well, didn’t eat.

The next one happened today: saying that Jean George is a saint for setting such “cheap” prix fixe meals at his restaurants recently.  So, our minds began to wonder what else we could come up with.

1. This cake is Jesus.  (too simple.  it gets better…)

2. The way the angry lobster on a bed of nails from David Burke and Donatella is presented is similar to the fanfare received by baby Jesus upon his birth.  Our savior has arrived.*

3. I believe that the goat cheese ganache presented on the waldorf salad at the Waldorf Astoria has a very uncanny resemblance to God’s beard.  God is good.

4. I think I got pregnant from the chocolate tart at JG.  It was so good there was an immaculate conception.*

5. The only thing in the world that I would ever don a burka for is the spinach artichoke dip at Basserie.  The only thing I worry about is getting it into my mouth.*

6. The pork tenderloin served at French Roast is a pig only comparable to the happy Buddha. I cannot imagine a better belly.

7. And the foie grois at Chef Ramsay’s restaurant is the sacred cow.*

8. The peking duck at Shun Lee West made me feel like I could walk on water.*

9. Need I even mention the red legged partridge consomme I had at Daniel? The entire dinner menu is my golden rule.

10. Finally, the baked brie at whothefuckevencares is the holiest of holies.*

*Thank you, Liz.


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