Aaaand we’re back!

I’m sitting at the airport currently.  I got here my requisite 2 hours early, as I did to LaGuardia on Wednesday, thinking it would be total chaos.  Alas, I got through the security without even as much as a line.  There was ONE person in front of me.


This place is a ghost town.

This place is a ghost town.



I’m taking note of people at the airport.  There is this guy sitting caddy-corner from me, trying to make eye contact (or maybe he is Autistic and is just staring).  There are approximately three babies, in three different corners surrounding me — crying.  There is a toddler that keeps creepily stomping towards me like a dinosaur.  There is the gay couple sitting across from me, both on their laptops.  There are the people coming in from a flight.  They look tired.  And then there is the too-old-for-this lady reading “Twilight.”

On every mode of transportation over the last two weeks, every person sitting next to me (this includes subway, bus, and even the airplane ride to Tampa) has been reading the damn book.  Between that and Bumper Sticker on Facebook, I officially hate Edward Cullen.  Ergo, I hate Stephenie Meyer, the author.  Make it stop.


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