hot gossip!

“I wanted a Harry Winston choker for my birthday.  Instead I got a conscience.”

And so it is.  And so it is.

In other news, I HATE AGNES.  Dan Humphrey is going to end up dead.  And I still can’t quite learn to love Aaron Rose — especially since he will always be Poot from “Stick It!” to me.  And he’s also kind of a flake.

Mr. Hall from “Clueless”!!!!!!!  He’s so short.  And Cyndi Lauper!!!  What a delicious cameo.  But she didn’t sing.  And that made me sad.

I get that Jenny is trying to do her own thing, but could someone tell me why she has to go so heavy on the eye makeup and black nail polish?  Is designer the new goth?

Finally, the title of Dan’s story: 5.21.91.  THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN BORN IN 1991.  1991!!!!!  OMG.  Babies.  Ugh.  On that note, I am resigning from blogging about children.  Goodnight.


2 Responses

  1. but why is jenny so hot? agnes is a bitch but she was mischa’s sister previously so that makes sense. where was nate? aaron is gross and unbelievable that he would be making such a fuss over a 17 year old if he really was a hotshot art man what with all the brooklynites who probably look like jenny…circular thinking.

  2. Dan isn’t the one who diesssssss!!!!!!! *spoiler alert*


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