many ticks… and dicks?

I keep seeing (sparse, thankfully) Facebook statues regarding how disappointed and angry people are about the election and how this country is going to Hell and how guns are needed and Socialism this, that, and the next thing.  So I’d just like to take a moment to deface them, slowly.

“I resent those that use class warfare to advance their political careers.”
How odd that this has taken place for the last 8 years — with this guy from Texas pretending to be a people’s guy with a Southern accent and a cowboy hat, and yet… only catering to the upper-class white heterosexual men in the country.  Could that be considered classist?  You tell me.

“I need to get a gun soon before Socialism bans them!”
Shoot yourself with it.  How about that?

“I’m moving to Canada!”
Oh for fuck’s sake, please do.  And when you get there and see that the country is far more liberal than ours is, come back with your tail between your legs and move to Texas.

“Now that Obama is president, those poor people won’t have to pay their mortgages or for gas or get jobs!  Lazy people voted for Obama!”
O RLY?  My family is in the “high tax bracket.”  And we’re white.  And none of us are on welfare, if memory serves.  And we -ALL- voted for Obama.  Want to know why?  Because the last guy, you know the one, has plunged us into a recession.  How odd… the last time we had a surplus, in fact, was with a Democrat.  Uncanny!  And some of us happen to find social issues more important than the ONE-ISSUE MONETARY voters.  Get off your high horse (or pick up truck?  Escalade?) and STFU.

I was just informed that the Statue of Liberty is coming down today and will be replaced with Aunt Jamima.
I hope you somehow suffocate via maple syrup, you racist fuck.


8 Responses

  1. Excellent. I hope all those useless morons that keep writing all the anti-Obama crap read this, and do something new for once in their lives. It’s called thinking! :o

  2. Aunt Jamima lol. I love the Canada one. Our people used to say that but that was because Canada is more liberal friendly. lol. Those people that want to live in a more totalitarian regime where they can get easy access to guns should move to Iran. :)

  3. Canada is too good for them. But! Shows how they don’t think at all. Afraid of socialisim? That’s right, move to a place that has ALREADY socialized healthcare. That’ll show em! I hear Saudi Arabia is a MUCH better fit for the people you’re describing. Religious extremists with an oil addiction and a desire to oppress everybody.

    And as for aunt jemima… Thanks for revealing yourself as a racist dickwad. Drowning in maple syrup would be a great idea for you. Or go find that person who’s terrified of ‘socialism’ and needs a gun, then find the person who is moving to Canada, cross the border, and then shoot yourself. The world has now become too terrible to live in. ‘

  4. I love you <3

  5. haha oh god i fkn love you.

  6. Hahahahahaha! Boyfriend and I had waaay too many chuckles! This post FTW!

  7. i don’t know you from adam…but i love you too. you inspire me.

  8. […] Earning vs. Entitlement Reblogged from my friend Suzanne’s page.  Something that should be read immediately.  Specifically, those dillweeds that I called out a few weeks ago. […]

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