let’s gossip.

Here is the new ad for next week’s Gossip Girl episode:

Did anyone else find their make out session at the end of this week’s episode totally repulsive?  Just knowing that she is really only 15 in real life and that he is 23 is the first thing that makes me gag.  And I think just the way the kiss was over dramatized put me over the top.

Also: was anyone else really surprised to find Chace Crawford has a hairy chest?  I would have totally expected wax city there.


3 Responses

  1. well, too be honest, Jenny was looking a little hot in this episode. Her new hair, her much better clothes and not too mention her and Marissa’s little sister dancing in their pubescent underwear. Hm. A little Lolita?

  2. Yes, I was extremely repulsed. Jenny Humphrey is not cute, and really annoying, and Nate is meant to be MY boyfriend not hers. Basically, EW.
    And no, I did not notice the hairy chest, but now I will be distracted by looking for it. Ew again.

  3. i have yet to see this episode, but as far as i’m concerned…hot!
    don’t act like you aren’t into 15 year olds, sara…peter pan circa 2004 ring a bell?

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