something i hate

I don’t understand the double standard on homosexuality.  There are SO MANY WOMEN I know that have “turned lesbian” simply because they hate men, or are sick of men, or are jaded.  Granted, there must be some element of bisexuality residing in them, but why do they have to protest men as their reason behind it?  Why not just accept who you are and be with a woman if that’s what you want to do?  Have you EVER heard a guy, heartbroken by a girl, say that he’s going to suddenly do other dudes?!  NO.  What the hell…

This rant was inspired by the following (DEPLORABLE) article I read on DListed – about England’s Jodi Marsh.


2 Responses

  1. Hmm. I actually have a theory about this. I think that it’s a cultural precedent for expressing misandry that a women seem to fall into, just as there are cultural precedents for expressing misogyny that men fall into (you don’t hear about misandrist women beating up their husbands, or at least not as much as you hear about misogynist men beating up their wives, for example).

  2. LESBIAN DOUBLE STANDARD: This week we had in-laws over for dinner. Inspired by Chuck we made our own pizzas, including a goat cheese, roasted butternut squash, arugula, olive oil pie…yum! yum! Anyway, over dinner conversation my wife was telling Grandma & Grandpa about how we got a free subscription to Showtime, and that we’re recording ‘The L Word‘, a drama about lesbians. My wife observed: “How come we hear about women who are sick of men and start dating other women? But we never hear a man say, ‘I’m sick of women! I think I’ll start dating men!’”

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