Kabbalistic or Kabbafakeit?

Over the weekend, little Lourdes (Madonna’s daughter) had her Bat Mitzvah (at age 12?!?!) at the Kabbalah Center in NYC.  This brings up two interesting points.


2. Also, Madonna isn’t Jewish.  Ergo, NO BAT MITZVAH, LOURDES.

Just throwing that out there.  In fact, this week, I visited the Kabbalah Center just to see what all the hype was about.  It was absolutely terrifying and, I’m convinced, a cat’s asshole away from being as creepy as Scientology.  I’ve studied Kabbalah (it was actually quite a boring class and I have no clue how it’s been made so trendy via the celebrities, but whatever).  You aren’t even supposed to practice it until you are 40, because you aren’t mature enough to do so until then.

But I guess if you want to pay $26 for a red string (and probably not even know how to pronounce the prayer you are supposed to say while putting it on), that’s your prerogative (yeah, Britney, I’m talkin’ to you.)


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