O hai ONTD, thanks for the free exposure.

Love ya.  Mean it.

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  1. kthnxbai

  2. YAY! Now the 15 retards that can’t afford to get a blog anywhere except on wordpress will visit here, read ONTD’s comments, realize that everything you post is shit/copied and pasted FROM ontd and promptly leave. Meanwhile we’ll continue to have over 50000 members, get, what is it? like over 100000 hits a day? and you’ll remain a tiny teeny little footnote in our history. You’ll be ‘THAT CHICK WHO GOT OWNED’


  3. SWF SIF seeks similar (but attractive, clean and funny) to be friends with, possibly more.

    I am super cool and run my own celebrity gossip site off of my dad’s old Commador 64 computer from my mom’s basement. Well, it’s no so much a basement as it is the crawl space underneath our trailer. There are racoons here. They make wonderful lovers, but I think I’m finally ready to move on after my heart was broken by a certain celebrity. I WILL NOT MENTION HER NAME. I am too classy to do that.

    It was Katy Perry.

    We kissed on night. It was so steamy and sensual. Hot. Erotic.

    Well, actually we didn’t “kiss” per se. But we groped each other’s vaginas. A lot.

    Well not vaginas. Boobs. Not boobs, really.

    I brushed up against her while we were waiting in line at KFC. But it was awesome. Really sensual, you know?

    Actually we didn’t so much brush, as we did make some eye contact. Well, to be precise I was standing against one corner of the KFC sweeping the floors and she was sitting with her friends eating.

    But it was INTENSE, you know? Like a spiritual connection of sorts.

    And I would have probably gotten to talk to her if that state trooper hadn’t caught me chasing after her down the street.

    Anyway, if you would like to meet me you’ll have to wait 120 days. Maybe less if the judge is sympathetic upon my appeal.

  4. Those stories were her stories that were posted on ONTD, check the source, asshat.


  6. i like when richie calls them asshats!

    and as for the comment from “sara” up there… how does sara have a basement in this state? she’d hit water!

  7. To whomever is posting anti-sara comments, you should know that you will never win. It should be noted that while you have a website that gets “100,000” hits a day, I have a website that gets 100,000 SALES a day. I am, in fact, writing this as I fly first class Air France to Paris. Can you spell F-I-R-S-T C-L-A-S-S (please see how it is NOT spelled: O-N-T-D)? To my European headquarters. Yes, asshats, I have an actual building. Several. With actual employees. And I’m 23, asshats, 23! What have you done lately?

    The point of all this is simple: “tiny teeny footnotes” shouldn’t point “tiny teeny” fingers. Might I add that the expression is “teeny tiny?” Of course, if you had been a schooled, well-read individual, you might have known that, yes?

  8. Oh, whatever. Sweetie, you will NEVER, EVER be as big as ONTD. I mean, your waist size will blow up, but not your pathetic website. Sit down. And grow up. You claim that we’re a bunch of “15” year olds, but what does that make you? You sit there on your computer and you keep bringing up ONTD. Don’t you have a LIFE? You’re 23 years old, sitting on a computer, causing internet drama.

    HOORAY FOR YOU!111 You tOtAlLy oWnEd us. Good job sweet cheeks.

  9. Pretty sure you’re the ones starting drama. Time for you to sit down and shut the fuck up.

  10. hey destroy, hope your plane crashes P-I-E-C-E-O-F-S-H-I-T

  11. lol ur welcum

    have fun falling off that list later on, gurl

  12. Heard you look like Miley, give me a call!


  13. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig!

  14. Is this chicken or tuna?

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